How to Promote Your Live Show

How to Promote Your Live Show

Are you a Folk musician who has a live show coming up, but you're not sure how to promote it? Follow these steps, and fill those seats.

First of all, friend. Congrats on landing that show.
Virtual hug from me coming through the circuitry.
Now, let’s push up our shirt sleeves, and work on some promotion.

6 Weeks Pre-Show

  • Search online for newspapers located near the venue.

  • Find the email address of the Arts & Entertainment reporter who writes the articles about music and local concerts. This might require a little bit of digging around on the newspaper website, but it will be worth your time to contact the right person.

  • Write an email to the reporter, and attach a press release and a high-resolution photograph of yourself or your band. Tell the reporter that you are available for an interview, and include your phone number in your email signature.

So, maybe, you’re asking yourself, “What is a press release?” To sum it up, it’s your big announcement. It’s the “who,” “what,” “why,” and “where.” You are coming to town. It's your big, live-performance event. A well-written press release — a one-page article containing the event details, your story, and an enticing quote — can be a powerful promotional tool for filling seats at your live shows.

Great job! You’ve worked hard.
Now, take a break from this task.
Sing some songs.
Move those fingers across your instrument.
La, la, la

4 Weeks Pre-Show

  • Research Folk DJs who are local to the venue.

  • Send an email to the DJs announcing your upcoming live performance in their area. Include all the event details (date, time, location, ticket info). Tell the DJs that you are available for an interview, and include your phone number in your email signature.

  • Add your event to their online music calendar.

You matter.
Your voice is needed.
You’ve got this.
Keep going.

2 Weeks Pre-Show

  • Run a highly targeted Facebook ad promoting your event. Deliver your ad to a 30-mile radius around the venue.

  • Launch an email campaign to your email list with all the event details. Send the email to your entire list — not just the people local to the venue. These people may have friends in the area of the venue who would enjoy your music.

You are unstoppable!
Look out world!

1 Week Pre-Show

Make a Facebook and Twitter post with a high-quality image. Encourage your fans to share the post. The image for your post could be a traditional-style concert poster or a photo from the road.

Everything is coming together.
This is your mountain.
And, you are moving it.

Show Day

Make a Facebook and Twitter post from the venue. Include a photo of your load-in or sound check to generate some last-minute interest.

You did it.
You are capable of some really amazing things.
Break a leg!

Your Feedback

Have any questions? Any advice that you’d like to add? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

All the best, Holly

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